Guy Ducornet paints in oil, acrylic and inks on canvas, plywood panels and rag paper. He also uses mixed techniques: monoprinting, silk-screen, etching, collage and assemblage of various materials, found objects and documents in order to create enigmatic variations and – very much like the Jazz music improvisations he has always practiced on drums and the saxophone. His series of “themes” carry various generic titles such as: Inscapes, Terra-est-fabula, Cibles/Targets, Glaciations, Primalphabets, Geographics, Inscapes, Family Albums, Clair-de-Terre, Tiroirs/Drawers, Portulans,
« Allons-z’enfants »,
Stereograms, Oblique Shocks, Retrovisions, Babel, Wordless Stories, etc.

  Tableau Noir   Histoires sans Paroles 2011
Entering Fire

tableau noir collage